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You all must realize I have posted this question of several tarot sites, and also on Yahoo!'s 'Pagan Bears (yes, there is such a place). I did get this interesting response for a bear identified as 'Mo':
On the subject of explicitly gay friendly tarot packs there isn't much that I can relate to. The Cosmic Tribe tarot is very beautiful, but it's attempts at gay-friendliness fall flat for me.
It's very well done, it has three versions of the lovers cards for different combinations of Lovers, but looking at the figures on the cards, there is not one mature male figure, nor a female crone anywhere for that matter. Just about all the characters look ultra-trendy, styled, shaved, buff, hair dyed , young, all men are slim and pretty much boyish to youthful, and almost all are very smooth.....the drift seems to be "Here's a gay friendly pack and here's the trendy, hip types you identify with"....Looking at the two lovers on the gay mens lovers card, I'd never see myself or my partner in them."

All you people out there are wondering why the gay community seeks 'validation'.

Another interesting letter took the argument into a delightful direction; the bear wanted to see an all-bear deck and came up with an entire Major Arcana of large hairy men! Interesting, but really just a parody of the Rider; it does not address the reading for a gay clientelle; it merely substitues Bears in the Rider imagery - for example:
MOON: instead of a howling dog and a wolf on both sides of the Moon, you could put a (real) grizzly bear on one side and a naked bear man on the other, both staring into the Moon.

If I could get all these concepts working at one time....boy! What busy year I'll have!
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