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Hi tarotbear2,

I'm not sure exactly what I /do/ mean. My post was more of a though-in-progress than I realised at the time, so it isn't very coherent.

I was thinking about how I don't know what it's like to be a gay man, or a lesbian. I think I kind of have some idea of what it is like to not be validated by the culture you are part of. Then that led me to thinking about men and women generally and the roles we can be expected to play. My mind wandered from there onto sexual stereotyping - and I never quite got to the point of asking myself the question where does stereotyping end and archetypes begin.

I really don't know the answer to that. I wonder if there is a place for a new kind of Tarot, with different symbols? Can you just cut and paste two gay men (or two lesbian women) onto the Lovers and that is enough? But how much can you change the Tarot and it is still Tarot?

Sorry this is still very tentative,


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