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Originally Posted by Thirteen
Our High Priestess is... in fact, covered from head-to-toe, only her face revealed, giving us that traditional feel of her as nun-like. The untouchable and likely secluded lady.
Originally Posted by Thirteen
There is a "sleeping beauty" feel to her, as if she's being protected from cutting herself or shedding her own blood--and by doing so waking up, becoming a complete woman--or maybe not a woman at all. Maybe she's being kept protected for fear that she'll turn into something dangerous? I think of all those scary movies where if the innocent girl gets one taste of blood she turns into some fantastic monster.

In fact, given this deck, her layers of clothing might be protecting her from other things instead. Like the sun, for example. In older Vampire stories the vampires can go out during the day, but need to protect themselves from too much sunlight. Or maybe, like the Witch of the West, she doesn't want to get wet and melt

Likewise, she might well be saving herself from being contaminated for other reasons. Young women who were going to be sacrificed were often kept bundled up and pure. Likewise, a person may go through purity rites and wear special holy clothing as they're working their way on up to some powerful level of magic...
I have another idea on the "face" of the BG High Priestess. What if the "face" we see is really a mask, and she is in fact, covered completely??? If this is a mask, then she would NOT be exposing any part of herself to anyone, the sunlight, etc?

I have attached a scan of this HP next to another deck showing a mask instead of a face. When the idea of the mask came to me, I thought of this particular Osho Zen card. FYI: Both faces in the O.Z. card are masks according to the companion book. Then I looked up the HP in the O.Z. deck, and it almost looks like a mask too?!
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