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Originally Posted by Witchy Woman
Ill probly send more So how does this work. Do we just send our box to the person below us in the list, like we do on the runes reading list.
Or is it a group that just passes the boxes on the next person, over and over till we get our original package back and you just take out what you want then continue to pass? That would be like a trip to the post office like what, once a week? Which would work ok for me.

Hiya WW,

When we get our group, we will send an envelope to each person in the group (don't forget to set a starter lil oracle for yourself as well). So say that there is a total of 5 (including you)people in your group (example), So you would send out a total of 4 envelopes as well as creating your starter oracle for a total of 5.

Hope that makes sense.
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