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6 of birds - Shining tribe tarot

I have been doing all steps in my handwritten journal up till now. I found this step one of the hardest so I am struggling a bit.

The main symbols here are a red sleeping woman, a bird spreading it's wings above her, a snake under her bed.

Let's start with the woman.

Me: Who are you?
Woman: Very well thank you.
M: Oh pardon me, I am not good at small-talk but didn't mean to be rude and not say hello.
W: Well, perhaps you should try harder, some people like myself got a real thin skin you know, especially when we are trying to sleep.
M: *hangs head and mutters another apology* I had no idea you were so touchy. So what are you doing here?
W: My job is to dream, that is who I am, I am the Dreamer.
M: What do you dream about?
W: I dream to find the way to the heart of the matter, to see the solution.
M: Why are you so red?
W: In doing all this dreaming I need to be thinskinned and really take everything in, my redness is not anger, it is sensitivity.
M: Do you have any advice for me?
W: Yes, you need to listen more to your dreams and not use sleep as a way to shut off or escape, see it as a task, a mission if you like. Your mission is to enter the dreams, listen to your guides, both the birds and the snakes, and find the truth.
M: Thank you very much Red Dreamer and sleep safe.

I approach the snake next, in a really quiet whisper so I do not disturb the dreamer.
Me: Hello there snake, the Dreamer mentioned you were one of the dream-guides. Can you tell me a bit more about that?
Snake: Greetingssss, ssssso nice to sssee you awake. My tasssssk isss to show the Dreamer her fearsss and worriesss.
M: How do you do that?
S: I would not know how to NOT do that, it isss, my purposssse.
M: How does it help the Dreamer to face her fears if it is just a dream anyway?
S: Many of her dreamssss will linger after she wakesss up and thatsss how she will grow and find her way.
M: How can the Dreamer better remember her dreamlessons?
S: By sssscribble them down in the ssssand.
M: On paper you mean?
S: Only if that issss what you ssscribble on.

Above me I feel a draft of air rushing past my face, I look up and see the large orange bird hoovering about me.

Me: Hello bird, The Dreamer talked about you too, that you were a dream guide. I wish to know just what it is you do.
Bird: Hi there. I like to think that I keep her focused. I know she can feel me through her thin skin and that even deep in a dream she can hear my wings rustle. I remind here that she has a purpose. I sharpen her thoughts and shut out all the less important things.
M: Like what things?
B: Well, like thinking about what to cook for dinner, that her left knee is itchy and how to pay for the bills, those are tasks better devoted time to when she is not busy dreaming. She is the Dreamer after all, just as I am the Dream-guide, or the Dream-controller, or Dream-focuser or however you wanna put it. My taks is to make her dream what she has to.

I quietly sneak off to let them all continue with the Dreaming
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