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The Doo-Dad Divas

Hi, there, Doo-Dad Divas! Here is your very own thread. The details of the swap in your group are now really up to you; I just ask that you not divert from the general idea too much and please make sure everyone in your group is comfortable with any changes that are made.

Use this thread to swap ideas for your oracle kits. If anyone has anything that they really would NOT like (e.g.: bones or teeth or severed ears or what have you. ) please let your fellow groupies know!

Letís take another week to assemble the kits. I leave it up to you to make sure you trade addresses, but will check with you.

And donít forget to visit the other groups on their threads to see what your Divine Sisters of the Junky Sisterhood are up to!

The Junkanoo Gang

The Booty Babes

The Little Loot League

Main Swap Thread

JUNE 1 TO JUNE 7 (or so)

*Check to see what group you're in and click on the link to find your group's thread.

*Go post in the link and start visiting with one another there.

*Exchange addresses with one another. Everyone in your little group will be sending a package to everyone else.

*Continue to gather items. As you get to know your partners a bit you'll get a feel for what each one likes.

*We'll start shipping in a week but no big deal if it takes another few days; don't panic.

*Eventually we'll use our new oracles to read for one another; we'll do that right from our group threads as well.
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