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Originally Posted by Witchy Woman
Crazy thing is, im always so busy giving, i never ask for much. hmh. how do i do this? LOL
Originally Posted by Witchy Woman
Wow. Ive been so busy collecting that I never stopped to think about what it was that I might Want...
I hadn't been sitting here thinking about what might come from the swapping of such things, either, but once I started earnestly gathering all my own little bits together I scanned them and got a reasonable idea of which things sing to me and which don't quite as much... So, now that we have a chance to let each other know what we would prefer, I think it's great to do so, because this is our chance to create a perfect-fit, personalised, oracle and give the other stuff to someone who loves it better... for whom it is a 'better fit'!!! So... dear Witchy Woman... I'm inviting you to let us know what your preferences are... You see... you're not actually asking, just being helpful by answering my question!!!

Also useful is looking at other people's profiles, as they suggest what people like, or don't like so much, and that reminded me of things that i would really enjoy in a junk oracle... Mind you, I haven't filled that part of my profile in... not quite sure where or how...
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