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Hi catdoc:-)

I don't usually come to the Deck Creation threads as I am not an artist, but I dropped in to read the BBCT thread. Already being a fan of Baba's style, I'm naturally interested in her deck, but I want you to know that your deck is gorgeous in it's own right and I look forward to it's progress and completion. I definately already want to own a copy:-)
Re: the Ten of Wands (and also touching on the Ace of Wands), I had a cat that caught a snake that was longer than he was and quite thick too. He did this without sustaining any injury- the tough part was getting it home. He put a lot of effort into carrying that snake a rather long distance so he could show it off at home. A burden, but one that he wasn't about to give up on. Just a thought.

Blessings, galadrial
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