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Let It Die- Ozzy Osbourne

Let It Die by Ozzy Osbourne
>>Lyrics Here<<

This song is one of labels and letting go of your past. It's about forgetting about all the things people are saying you are and just being yourself regardless of what others say. It may seem confusing but once you start looking at the lyrics it all falls together "I'll be more than you'll ever be"

Card One; What Others Say About You
"I'm a rockstar, I'm a dealer I'm a servant, I'm a leader I'm a saviour, i'm a sinner, i'm a killer I'll be anything you want me to be"
----By "others" I mean the people that are constantly labeling you, which mroe often that not, are people that don't know you and can't be bothered to make the effort to.

Cards Two, Three and Four; How You See Yourself
"A loser number zero Play the victim, end up a hero I'm a teacher, preacher Liar, I am anything, everything"
----In the song this is where Ozzy pretty much just turns his back on the labels and continues doing his stuff. I assigned three cards to this position because people are not one dimensional, while labels tend to be.

Card Five; Best Way to Ignore Your Labels
"All that's done is done Just let it lie"
----Some people get really sensitive about labels, so this card serves as a sort of advice card if things bug you, and more of a next step kind of card if you are already well practiced in the art of ignoring naysayers.


Another simpler one. Let me know what you think. -KM
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