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त्रिमूर्ति Trimurti Spread

Om Namah Sivaya!

So, I felt the desire to integrate my being a follower of the Eternal Truth (Sanatana Dharma, or Hinduism) with my love of tarot. Thus, the jdev Trimurti Spread was born.

In Sanatana Dharma, the Trimurti is made up of three gods; Lord Brahma (the Creator), Lord Vishnu (the Preserver), and Lord Shiva (the Destroyer). It is said that Lord Brahma brought all three worlds into being, Lord Vishnu sustains what Lord Brahma created, and Lord Shiva will ultimately destroy the creation when He stops dancing. Of course, you don't need to believe in any of this to make the spread applicable to your life or your querent's reading.

The cards shall be cast as follows:


Position 1: Brahma - What created the situation in question?
Position 2: Vishnu - What is preserving the situation?
Position 3: Shiva - What can be done to bring the situation to a close?

I feel this would be a good spread for introspection or with a querent but both need a specific question or issue. Even if it's an issue that you think you may know the cause of - the cards can give you new perspective and insight as to the true core and cause of the situation. Say a friend is mad at you. Maybe you have some anxiety and you don't really know why. Maybe it's something as base as you having a stomach ache and you need to know what caused it so you know which remedy to take! The possibilities are endless. I'll test it in the Readings Exchange forum. Below is the example reading I have done to test the spread.

Question: Why am I not sleeping?

Brahma - Ace of Swords
Vishnu - Five of Wands
Shiva - The High Priestess

I'm not sleeping because I have new thoughts and worries popping into my head once I lie down in bed. During the day there are distractions, study, other things to occupy my mind. When I lie down at night, all that goes away and I'm left alone with my thoughts. I'm thinking too much.

Hmmm... the five of wands indicates strife, fighting. I keep fighting something. I'm being told that my mind is constantly in motion and burning with thought. What's more is that fire represents spirit. A restless mind and a restless spirit are not a good combination. If I can bring the spirit in line then the mind will follow, maybe. I will have to meditate on how my spirit is restless, as I thought it was pretty settled.

Funny - the High Priestess is linked with the moon and my question was about why I'm not sleeping. She has her foot in water, which represents the subconscious. So, perhaps the only thing that will bring an end to my insomnia is to put out the fire of conscious thought by drawing forth the water of the subconscious. The High Priestess also represents the female aspect of God, which for me is my chosen aspect. This, for me, indicates that I need to offer the stream of my subconscious and conscious at the feet* of my beloved guru.

So, it's my wish that you try it out and let me know how it works for you. I look forward to your opinions and experiences with this spread!


*In Hinduism, the feet of your beloved deity or your guru are very holy.

If you post or use this spread on your blog or any other site, I would appreciate a credit and a link back here to the original thread.
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