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Oh good, you got the pm on the German images, since my last post

I already pm:ed on Huck's discovery of the German illustrations of what I'm only calling the c. 1865 Delarue Jeu des Dames majors and sources very very similar to the c 1865 illustrations, especially card 78.

Of course my earlier post this morning reference of a 'marseilles' to the c 1865 Delarue here seems quite quite foolish itself, but I was hasty. While I was thinking of the minors, the cartomancy of course includes Etteilla's meanings, as the keywords are Etteilla's pattern.

I'll use this as a placeholder when I can get settled into some postings later this week, hopefully either continuing or posting perhaps to card 13--as my previous linked thread only as a sample goes up to card 12 or 13. Other further details will be sent/updated later.

Best wishes until then.

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