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Originally Posted by GryffinSong
And for the mice, it's the destruction that partially freaks me out. The other part of the mice freak out is just out-and-out silly girly freaking I guess!!! LOL In any place but my OWN house, a mouse is cute. But I've seen what they do when I had a family take up residence in my RV. Not fun. And my sighthounds, who supposedly hunt by sight? Where were they? They never even NOTICED them!!! Even when the durn things ran right across the room in front of them!!! Useless dogs. I was ready to trade them in for a good old barn cat mouser!!!
I've lived in Nevada so I get the spider thing. I don't freak about them though.

But mice? MICE? You never met Matchbook. That was my mouse, light gray longish coat with dark red eyes. Had him train to come here, stay, go to bed, hide, front flip, back flip, front flip to top of cage, back flip to top of cage (those are where he'd flip and cling to the top of the cage half way though and just crawl on the ceiling like the ninja mouse he was)

I would wrapp him in a sweatshirt and feed him bread dipped in milk when he was sick (but never crust he hated crust) and whenever I let someone hold him and he got the feeling I didn't like that person they got a handful of his business. He never used the bathroom on someone I liked, and never did it to me either. If he gave me a small nip that meant he wanted me to lower my hand so he can jump into his bedding and go.

That mouse was smart.
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