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Now the arms to the right of the goddess's center line or her body, you see that bent line? Those are the two legs of her husband leading up to his waist. He is standing in a jaunty pose, knee bent, very cavalier. Very much her husband. Very casual, sort of fun, but a naughty boy. A very naughty boy.

At the waist level where the tangle of objects is you'll find a baby (the clue to how I knew that was hubby, a wire heart, a horse and cart, a magic wand sitting there like the belt of jean, the eyes-one open and one closed, like a wink. So very much her hubby. Not really paying attention to what he should be.

Her current boyfriend is very serious about being a Dad, working, going to school, being a straightlaced provider...

Can you see it?

Look how the husband is sort of kicking her away...

But her current boyfriend tries to stand beside her. And his passionate heart beats in his leg, he is there to stay, he loves her!

Also, the Magician card is upside down, so his feet are really pointing to the top of the tray. She is the Hanged Goddess, with her Magician's feet pointing to the top of the tray.

I just was astounded by the graphic nature of this portrait! She layed all this out completely subconciously. Really, amazing amazing amazing work here. Just so healing for her.


I read some of it differently for her, and looking at it now, with some time to think about it...I would have said things differently to her. I can fix it. She has her pic on her phone so we can go back over it....but wow. Does this oracle speak, right?
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