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Originally Posted by GryffinSong View Post
I, too, will be offline part of the weekend. This evening I'm headed to a friend's house for a mini-retreat with my quilt bee. Weeeee!!! I'll probably be back online late saturday or early sunday.
Oh, lovely.... I've only ever done a two person quilting day, but never a 'bee'... We were up to the basting bit, and it's so much easier with spare hands... but I would love to do a real quilting bee... one day, in a community choir, perhaps, but I keep missing their notifications... and I have lots of personal ones yet to do... How long do quilting fingers last, I wonder, as I do all my bits by hand... Have fun, GryffinSong

I do have a basket-weaving day here at my place today, in an hour's time, so I'd better skedaddle and make ready for the 'Basket Cases'... our group of several, 'grey-ish', wonderful women...

Oooh... oops... yes, all the Booty Babes needed to hear that... hee hee... thought I was somewhere else... Have lovely days...
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