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Hi Huck. So how does he know that the deck was put out in precisely 1910, as opposed to around 1910? Is there a date somewhere in the leaflet, on the cards, etc? It would help to know his basis for saying that it is 1910. I notice that there is an email address on the link you gave. Unless you know the answer, I suppose I can ask him myself.

I have another problem with his page at He says that deck number 2 on that page, the 1969 Grimaud Grand Etteilla, has the same images as the 1998. So he doesn't give us the 1969 images. Judging from the cover of the box, the cards don't look the same: the Judgment card is much more garish than the 1998--or, if you prefer a different wording--has much more red in the card. The 1969 has the same coloration as the 1910. More importantly, I have read somewhere that the 1969 retains the original keywords, as does the 1910. In the 1998, they are clearly not retained; many have been replaced by other words of the designer's choosing. I myself would love to see reproductions of the cards of the 1969 in Trionfi's tarot museum, if indeed they have the original keywords. If so, it is likely a faithful reproduction of the 1910 deck, And if the 1969 deck is complete, it would be a complete deck. The original 1910 we see is quite incomplete.

What I would really like to see is a reproduction of the 1789 deck (i.e. an Etteilla I deck without the sun on card 1 but with the mysterious extra numbers on some of the later trumps); but I realize that none exists or is likely to, and that a reproduction of the 1910, or c. 1910, or something like it, is the most I can hope for.
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