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The way in which the cards get better as you go along is one of the great - but dangerous - things in this whole process. It's like the Forth Bridge (is that a very UK reference? The bridge in Scotland that is so long that it has to be continually painted - once they get to one end it's time to begin again). We have already redone our High Priestess, and made many small changes to other cards (the Two of Cups is much improved). While this is great, of course it can mean that a deck never gets finished. It's one of the most difficult decisions a deck creator makes I think - when to stop and say "that's it". Of course, sometimes reworking and reworking does NOT make things better. It's a delicate decision at times.

I'll be very interested to see what you decide on some of the earlier cards, because yes, I think you can actually see the way the more recent ones are sometimes stronger (and yes, it's subtle isn't it? I'm not sure I could even put my finger on it). But you have to stop somewhere.

Looking forward to the snake scene now :-)
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