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Originally Posted by PathWalker View Post
Did anyone ever contact the Matthews for a copy of the Hallowquest meditations on tape (or whatever medium)?

As I have no-one to read them to me, it would be really useful to have them pre-recorded, so I thought I ask if anyone had tried to get hold of a copy lately (they don't show on their list)

Well, I'm answering my own question, but putting the info here for anyone else who might be interested.

Caitlin Matthews kindly replied to my email, saying that unfortunately the master tapes were long since worn away! No cd version.

However she did write...

"I will record when I redo the Tarot Course as an on-line download, with some rewriting and new ideas to add in."

Also the Arthurian is due for reprinting in August 2011 according to Caitlin.

Blessings to all on the path
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