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Hello Pathwalker ( & others),

Thanks for asking! This is certainly motivating.
Yes, iím still at it, but, really really slow. At the moment I got stuck at lesson 8 or 9: I sometimes skip exercises and go back to them later, so Iím getting a bit confused about what I have done and what not. But Iím still continuing, however long it takes. I do want to post updates on this forum, but at times translating into English asks too much of me.
I donít have the book, yet, but I scanned the remaining of the chapter into my computer, so I can look it up over there. And I can get the book back from the library any time. I have a search on ebay, but it doesnít give many results.
What about you, I see youíre also still at the Swords Quest?
Best wishes for you too.
BB, Aduki.
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