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Originally Posted by dadsnook2000 View Post
Third, relative to Tropical Solar Returns, there are several broad approaches that have been developed and practiced over the centuries. The Siderealists take a very different approach than what the Tropicalists take --- they focus on angles and a number of secondary and supportive charting techniques. My approach uses p.c. Solar Returns and a very different related set of daily charts.
This seems like a good place to pose this question since I've become interested in solar returns in general and precession-corrected returns in particular as I continue to work on rectifying my father's natal chart. I've been using solar returns for years but never in a very systematic way, preferring secondary progressions, solar-arc directions and transits. But I'm now getting around to reading a couple of books I've had for a long time but never spent any time with.

I just finished Ray Merriman's "The Solar Return Book of Prediction." It has a very clearly-written basic explanation of how to interpret the SR chart in relation to the natal planets and angles. The only new thing in it for me is that I've always related the SR planets and angles to the natal chart structure rather than the other way around. But his explanation of the SR chart as providing a "structure of experience" for the coming year, into which the natal planets and angles are placed, seems sensible. Oh, and he does have an explanation of the "antiscion" (it basically looks like a "parallel" to me) that agrees with what I learned here.

Jim Eshelman's "Interpreting Solar Returns" is up next, and it seems much more dense. I already see that he has an Appendix entry describing how to correct for precession in a SR chart. Although his SVP table only goes up to 1995, I found that the American Ephemeris has an SVP entry for each month. If it's really that simple, I just need to add 1 degree 13 minutes and 20 seconds of arc to my Dad's natal Sun to bring it up to the corrected value for his 87th year. My question is: Is Eshelman's book a good source, or is there a better one I should get my hands on?

I will be getting Fagan and Firebrace's sidereal "Primer" (which is still available at a reasonable price) but want the best specific reference on Solar Returns available (I also have Bernadette Brady's "The Eagle and the Lark" and Mary Shea's "Planets in Solar Returns" but the former has a much broader scope and the latter seems more like a reference book rather than one to read for comprehension of the subject).
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