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Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
I don't think doing it "in your face" is going to do anything to further the spirit of equality that Tarot readers would like to perpetuate, Minotauro. It seems to be more of an immature desire to just upset someone else for the fun of it just because you can. That's not going to help the cause along one bit. I like you a lot and you seem the sort of person who should be able to rethink this all the way through and hatch some other plan to make your point in a less confrontational way.
d'aw you're always so nice

I think I do see what you mean.
I even thought of joining them and the perhaps bring a diferent point of view to the scriptures, I did go to a catholic school for most of my life but from that experience I know they dont apreaciate diferent points of view all that much ....
I 'll think about it D: I just feel bad about not saying anything even when they missquote the bible or use them out of context U_u

plus I want to use my cards at collegel! X) it is where I spend most of my time , and I know there must be others who like tarot among them!

silently reading the cards to myself seemed like a good idea D:
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