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Have you come across the threads with some of our discussions of Biblical scriptures that are Tarot friendly yet? We've had some really great discussions along those lines in the past. Maybe you could familiarize yourself with some of those and then, if you want to go enjoy your cards in an area where they might be---provided you're not just going there to aggravate them---you could be prepared to have a friendly discussion with them where you could show them passages in the Bible that show that divination isn't bad like they feel it is. That way, you'd be prepared for them should they approach you but you wouldn't be doing it as a hostile confrontation between them and you. You'd be protecting your rights and beliefs in a friendly way with them and be the bigger man about it. And then if they wanted to keep on arguing, you could just tell them you choose not to discuss it anymore, give them a friendly smile and just go on about your business.
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