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Originally Posted by Minotauro View Post
d'aw you're always so nice

I think I do see what you mean.
I even thought of joining them and the perhaps bring a diferent point of view to the scriptures, I did go to a catholic school for most of my life but from that experience I know they dont apreaciate diferent points of view all that much ....
I 'll think about it D: I just feel bad about not saying anything even when they missquote the bible or use them out of context U_u

plus I want to use my cards at collegel! X) it is where I spend most of my time , and I know there must be others who like tarot among them!

silently reading the cards to myself seemed like a good idea D:
Use them at college, absolutely - I just - like Griz - feel that non-violent protest doesn't have to be in your face stuff. Unless they are actually sitting there shouting that Tarot is evil, they are doing no harm - as you wouldn't be, sitting reading your cards where they are not meeting, kind of. Dealing with misquoting the bible and using it our of context is something else. Reading cards in front of them won't fix that - getting out a bible to show them might. But almost certainly won't. Good luck with that !

The silently doing your own thing is the way to go, IMHO. YOU have the right to do THAT just as they have the right to meet up.

You may find other students come over to you, instead of to them. THAT is the better way, I think.

All this is a big deal - but we do all have rights, even those who hate us ! We demean ourselves (and our cause) by being unpleasant to people we disagree with.
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