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The Emperor: Maat tarot

Title/Number: The Emperor/1


First Impression: This is not your typical emperor card. This shows a contemplative, yet protective emperor, who is earthy and wise without the typical arrogance you can sometimes see in this card. He is a part of nature, rather than trying to control it, and is very aware of his place within the world.

Description of the card: A horned man sits and is part of a large tree, similar to the world tree, within a large forest. There is a grape vine below, which is full of ripe, luscious grapes, waiting to be harvested. The tree is bare of leaves, but still has vitality. The sun gleams in white through the middle of the picture, but seems to be dusk on the right, and dawn on the left. The other trees of the forest melt into the background.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: definitely masculine

Colors: green, orange, brown, purple, and white

Senses: As you walk through the forest, you can feel the cool dampness of the air, the richness of the soil against your feet. You can smell the leaves and the clean forest air, the scent of autumn. The forest is quiet, the birds have left in preparation for the upcoming winter. There is a light cool breeze, blowing against your face. You can taste the richness of the earth, and forest. The grapes are sweet, juicy, ready for harvest. The leaves are at the end of their color change, waiting to fall to the earth. It is like the forest has been perpetually fixed in the period of full ripeness of autumn, right before the decay begins. You can smell/taste/feel the ripeness, but with an underlying feel that there is no more to go, the next step starts the decline.

Symbols: horned man, grapes on the vine, world tree, forest, sunlight at both dawn and dusk, changing leaves

Story (intuitive): The Emperor sits, quietly watching the grapes, contemplating their growth with the knowledge of the upcoming harvest, and winter. He knows that death comes soon to the forest, but in that death- rebirth. He worries about the health of nature, and his urge is to protect the balance and ensure that the wildness remains in balance with the overgrowth of civilization. He knows that harvest is near, but is worried that too much will be taken, and not enough returned to the earth. He will remain until death, protecting the land- for that is who he is and what he does, the protector of earth, defender of the downtrodden, enforcer of balance.

Astrologic: The full moon cycle of Aries. This is the first lunar cycle after the autumn equinox with the planetary ruler of venus. The harvest moon.

Element: Fire, but also earth

Keywords: Mortality, harvest, horned god

Possible meanings: a powerful person who is aware of their own mortality and takes up every opportunity. A protector. Living with a "now or never" ideal.

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