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The Tower: Ma'at tarot

Title/Number: The Tower/2

First Impression: Wow, this isn't breakdown, or even destruction, this is total annihilation. There is no looking forward here, no contemplation of what will be built in the future, this card captures that single moment in time where devastating loss occurs. Though the tree still has life, you can see that the earth is expending too much energy to keep it alive. It is draining, and not nourishing.

Description of the card: A large tree stands in the forefront, its massive roots still with some life. Snake-like ribbons of lightening rain down from a black sky filled with red clouds. The mixtures of the white light from the lightening, the red of the clouds and the black of night merge within the tree, to create a volcanic image, with rivers of fire trailing down the tree.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral, but with masculine qualities

Colors: brown, red, black, white and orange

Senses: You can feel the head coming off the tree, bits of embers falling on your skin. The smell of charred wood and electricity hangs in the air. You can taste the smoke, thick and cindered, and hear the roar of thunder mixed with the cracking of the tree.

Symbols: lightening, fire, tree

Story (intuitive): Look closely at me, and understand. I am that moment in time where you experienced great loss. Do not try to lessen my power by speaking of "re-building" or "cleaning out the old". Is that the first thought you had when you were devastated by the loss? No, I thought not. Remember child, loss and grief is as natural as joy and laughter- yet you all hide from it, avoiding the fundamental truth. You cannot know love without loss, joy without grief. Experience me in my purity, and learn to grieve. Then child, then you will truly know faith, and be able to build.

Astrologic: Autumn equinox, Mabon

Element: Fire

Keywords: Expulsion, extraction, separation, against your will, destruction, grief

Possible meanings: A loss or change that is unexpected. Destruction. Loss of self. Shattered. The end.

Quote: -no words, just the silent cry of grief

***The intuitive description for this card came flowing out of my hand, as if the card itself had to speak its story. This is one I will spend the day reflecting on. I remember that a major piece of my pre-initiation work was spend with the assignment of going through my past and ensuring that I had truly grieved every loss. Now, I understand why. I am thankful to my initiators- their wisdom brought me along the way. This card is the epicenter of that journey.
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