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IDS Prince of Swords

Title/Number: Prince of Swords/3

Picture: please see the first post for an uploaded image

First Impression: Anger floats off the young man in the picture, as he threatens another with his sword. What did the other man do to cause such rage? Will he end up taking his life?

Description: An angry, young, dark-haired man is standing above a figure who is mostly hidden, lying on the ground. The figure is hold an arm up, as if to stop the young man's attack. The young man is grabbing the arm to stop him, pressing a sword to the figure below. The young man is dressed in a linen sumo-style wrap, with a matching band across his head, seeming like a warrior. The sky behind him is cloudy and red, the building fading into the backdrop of a red/black sky.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Masculine

Colors: Red, black, white and blue

Senses: you can smell and taste the sweat with an underlying metallic taste. You can smell the stagnant air and hear the grunting and heavy breathing of struggle. You feel the tightened muscles, the anger/rage and heavy humidity in the air.

Symbols: sword, warrior garb, red sky

Story: He is so angry, red clouds his vision as he presses the sword down. He hasn't thought through once of the consequences of hurting or killing his enemy, all has been lost to hot-tempered and out of control aggression. He wants to give pain, to lash out and most of all to feel the release of his anger by the fruition of this act. He is too far gone for reasoning or pleading, he will finish it!

Astrologic: the week of the autumn equinox

Element: Fire

Keywords: unbalanced aggression, rage, brute force

Meanings: hot-headed, aggressive, a young unmarried man with brown hair, Gemini

Quote: "Might makes right!"
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