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Originally Posted by summerbutterfly View Post
I did a reading regarding X's feelings for Y and in the future position got the Chariot which I didn't know whether to interpret as wanting to move forward or away from this potential relationship. The clarifier was the Fool. How would you interpret these pair of cards? Considering the other cards is the spread were a pair of fours, I was thinking that this card meant breaking the stagnation the friendship is in and taking it to the next level or just trying to move away and start a new adventure .....

Thoughts ??
The Chariot to me means there will be some diffiulties but they will definitely not insurmountable ones. In fact, the promise of The Charot is that if the person (peopel) not give up and keep workiing on it success and victory are assured. I don't know that is is about moving away from or forward in the relationship. But it does say there will be a difficulty that must be overcome before things can move forward. And if the people don't give up they WILL move past it.

The Fool, for me is all about having faith in life. The Fool is about that childlike state of perfect faith and trust in life that a young child has who had never been hurt by life or learnt to mistrust. As a clarifier this card is asking the querent to have that childlike faith, to believe in happily ever after, to trust in life, to NOT give up. And to know that IF they do not give up that success is assured, that victory will happen. And to try to help the other to have that faith in what they share and in life too.

4's are about completion to me, completing i guess that is the way they need to complete any obstacles in the way and to work past them and come out the other side.

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