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Originally Posted by Penthasilia View Post
Card/Number: 3 of Swords/5

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: How bloody and terrible! The pain in this picture is like nothing I have ever seen before. What a horrible death.

Description: A white dove sits in the center of the card, bloodied and dead. Three swords pierce the dove and each bears a symbol of the three patriarchal religions: christianity, muslim and judaism. The background is black.

Feminine/Masculine/Neutral: feminine death, masculine swords

Colors: white, red, black, silver and brown

Senses: You can feel the blood spattering onto your face, your skin- the scent pungent, the taste like iron. The mournful death cry of the dove echoes in your ears.

Symbols: dove, blood, swords, cross, crescent with star, star of David

Story: Come sit with me and feel my sorrow and pain. Mourn with me, the loss of innocence. Weep with me, at the destruction and hatred. Why would man want to kill beauty and innocence? Why would he want to subjugate and overpower that which surrounds him? The three religious symbols before you denote a movement of man to take on a patriarchal religion that placed a vengeful god at it's reigns. Religions that support killing and controlling everything around them, including each other. Religions that support mindless wars, religious zeal in the murder of innocent lives. The blood of the Mother rests on their hands. You may wonder why they choose to follow blindly in such hatred. Remember child, hatred is born from fear, and they DO fear. For as they have cut away the Mother, so they now are lost. Their souls recognize this, but their minds refuse to listen. They will continue in their destructiveness, blinded by fear and hatred. But, fear not my child, all is not lost. The Mother will grow stronger from this battle, and the false god these men have created will fall. And you will see Her true consort and God be recognized, and together They will battle hatred with love.

Astrologic: First quarter moon in Capricorn

Element: fire

Keywords: sorrow, pain, loss of innocence by oppression

Meanings: sorrow and loss, followed by healing

Quote: no words, just silent tears of anguish
As the dove is usually associated with peace, maybe this card could mean discord? A lack of peace?
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