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IDS King of Swords

Card/#: King of Swords/6

First Impression: The man in this picture reminds me of the Emperor in many ways. He is not like the cold, dictator-like king of swords seen in other decks, but a man of the home and hearth whose purpose is protecting his own.

Card Description: An old man sits in a forest with a contemplative look on his face, his hands resting lightly in his lap though his sword is nearby. He is cloaked in green and wearing antlers, further tying his image to the land. The setting sun shines through the trees in the background.

Feminine/Masculine/Neutral: Masculine

Colors: green, brown, yellow and orange

Senses: you can smell the clean leaves of the forest mixed with a lovely tobacco/pipe smoke, the taste fruity and smoky in your mouth. The soft sounds of birds and insects sing in your ears. The air is damp, but not cool and rests lightly against your skin.

Symbols: the aged king, antlers, sword, green cloak, forest

Story (intuitive): I see him, sitting quietly on a fallen tree. He looks at me, eyes faded from age yet sparkling with wisdom. He gestures, "Come, sit down with me." and I do. He is silent for a while, and my mind wanders- remembering the rash aggression of the prince, and how different this gentle king is from his son. The king smiles gently, as if hearing my thoughts, and begins to speak, "Yes, my son reminds me of how I used to be in my youth; hot-headed and impulsive.". He chuckles, "Life teaches you quickly the way.". The king pulls out an old pipe, lighting it and the glowing ember mixes with a beautifully smelling smoke. "When I was young, I had not learned the lesson that I know now. Aggression alone serves nothing. I sit here, and I know my duty; to protect my family and home, to protect what is mine. Sometimes, this requires fighting, and perhaps giving up your life. But most times, it demands a more difficult sacrifice- work. Working for the benefit of your family, your home, you ideals and beliefs. I have found that men do not typically attack a strong home, but like vultures they prey on the weak. It is a lesson that I am trying to teach my son, so he may know and understand and can take care of all this when I am gone.". He smiles gently at me and sits back, silently smoking his pipe. Suddenly, I am flooded with images of my grandfather, my dziadzia (in Polish, prounounced JAH-jah) and the gentleness of this king reminds me so much of him. And now, seeing my father taking on that role and his transformation from a hot-tempered man to the gentle-fierce protector. And it expands further, back to my ancestors passing down their heritage and forward to my son, and his children. The enormity of the continuum hits me and I look at the old king, who is watching me shrewdly. He smiles, and nods, "You now understand.". I smile, tears in my eyes, and am grateful for the wisdom he has so generously given. We sit together silently and enjoy the peace of the woods.

Astrologic: the week of the full moon in Aries. Planetary ruler: Venus.

Element: fire and earth

Keywords: protector, wounded king, ancestor

Meanings: protector of his own, willing to put his life on the line. Generally pertains to a married and mature man with the zodiac sign of Libra.

Quote: "I will protect what is mine."
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