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IDS 4 of Swords

Card/Number: 4 of Swords/7

Card Image: attached

First Impression: A very unique and colorful 4 of swords. The card doesn't show the typical rest after battle motif, but rather the idea of an eternal rest/hibernation that allows a glimpse into the past.

Description: From each corner of the card, swords stand at a diagonal, with the tips meeting in the center, which creates four triangles; one above, one below, and one to each side. The triangles are colored in a scheme that relates to the direction; the top (north) is green, the bottom (south) is pink/light red, the left (west) is blue, the right is purple (not typical for air), but in this card it seems appropriate and feels right. Taking up the left side of the card is the corpse of the Iceman, who seems to be looking out from the picture.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: green, purple, pink/red and blue pastels for the triangles, silver in the sword with bronze hilts, and the brown of the iceman's skin

Senses: you can feel the cold wind biting through your coat and hear it howling around you, tasting the snow.

Symbols: swords, the four directions, the Iceman

Story (intuitive): I sit, humbled, staring at the body before me. The gaunt face, the leathered skin, preserved by ice for so long. I reach out and touch his hand. Suddenly, I am transported back in time, standing at the base of the mountains with field and forest before me, untouched by civilization. I look to my right, the Iceman stands beside me, looking out into the distance. His wizened face reminds me of the King of Swords, and I realize that I am now looking at one of his ancient ancestors. Without changing his gaze, the Iceman speaks, "Look around you, this is the world that I knew, a world and time where man and nature were one. A time of simplicity, a time of hardship. Men fought over food and survival, there were no political agendas, wars. We were one with the earth and spoke to our ancestors often, as you are speaking to me now. Remember this image, keep it close to your heart; so that someday you may return and learn the lessons of old. Sleep comes to all men, the great hibernation of death. But the bones of your ancestors will always be present and, if you ask, they will grant you the wisdom and serenity that you seek.". I gaze ahead, imprinting this landscape into my memory. I close my eyes, and when I open them I am back in this time. I look down at the Iceman and say "Thank you.", for his lesson is a valuable one indeed.

Astrologic: last quarter moon in Cancer, planetary ruler: Venus

Element: fire (swords suit), but this card depicts them all

Keywords: rest, ancestor, bones in the earth

Meanings: connection with the past, taking a rest, hibernation

Quote: "Speak to the bones of your ancestors, they remain with you to show you the way."
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