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Death card, Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: Death/8

Card picture: attached

First Impression: This card represents death as a cycle, with no true beginning or end. The focus is not necessarily on death and bones, but rather on the emphasis of life and regeneration.

Card Description: The primary color of the card is a blood red. A priestess sits to the left, holding and beating a drum that is painted with an image of a uterus with white and red ochre flowing from it. She is journeying to the otherworld, the land of regeneration and the spirits she sees float above the drum. There are urns and bowls on the floor, bull's heads are mounted on the wall.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Feminine

Colors: red, white and black

Senses: you can smell the incense in the air, burning throughout the room. You can hear the steady beat of the drum, as it matches your heartbeat. The warmth and humidity of the air rest on your skin.

Symbols: drum, uterus, red/white ochre, urns, bull's heads, spirits and the journeying priestess

Story (Intuitive): I am wrapped in a sanguine cloth tied around my chest. My measured cord is cinched around my waist, holding my shaman's pouch. My stave is in my right hand, the feathers and bones clinking softly. My yew wand is in my left hand, runes burning brightly along it's length. My neck is encircled with a bone and bead necklace, black and white, with the mother's rune resting above it. My head is covered in a black, red and white shawl, veiling my vision. My body is anointed with the oil of the dead. My lapland drum made of reindeer hide, painted with pictures of life/death, sits beside me. The scent of incense- frankincense, myrrh, mugwort and kyphi, fills the room. I sit, and beat my drum, matching the rhythm of my heartbeat. It starts out loud and fast, then begins to slow and soften, until it fades away into nothing. I am ready. I pass through.

I open my eyes and am now in the land of eternal autumn. Beside me stands my patron goddess. She quietly asks me, "What do you seek?". "To know death." is my response. She turns to face me now, that beautiful/horrible visage that I have grown to love. "You are already dead, my child. That IS the mystery. All that has been brought to you is what you wished for your afterlife. You simply sit within the continuum of your own death.". My mind tries to grapple with the weight of this mystery and fails. Why is it not easier, why not have more? "Is that what you truly want?" my heart asks. I close my eyes, turn off my mind and open my heart- and there find the truth. I see the continuum of my regeneration, my northern blood, my spiritual growth, the warrior in progress. Wisdom and understanding flood through my being. I AM dead, we are all in Death, we have been- from the moment of our birth/re-birth. We know Death, but hide from the truth- it is so overwhelming. But it is also freeing and now, I know. I can now sit with my ancestors, the bones of my past self, and gain wisdom and insight to all that I am, all that IS. I open my eyes, back in the temple. The full moon, the Blood Moon of October, is hidden by clouds- yet I feel it's presence through my window, my own woman's-flow moving with it's cycle. The weight of the journey lingers, mixed with the red wine that I had shared with the goddess earlier. I go outside, to sit in the presence of all, with my wolf-dog beside me, her eyes soft and knowing. I know now why I had to journey to understand Death. The temple, though open to us all, is only known by those who enter. Enter your temple, learn and feel Death, and in doing so, you will truly know Life.

Astrologic: full moon in Taurus, full moon cycle during Halloween, planetary ruler: Pluto

Element: Earth

Keywords: immortality, transformation, death

Meanings: promise of renewal, transformation, transmutation

Quote: "I have."
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