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Was in an airplane with my whole family, my stepfather was the only white guy. It resembled more of the inside of an airport!! I whent to the toilets (again toilets :p) a blond boy escorted me towards them, he had to come with or something, watching out for me. There was a hallway and on the left side where doors to the toilet and on the right side doors to classrooms. He whent in a classroom that was a mix of orange and white, the doors where orange and the walls cremewhite-ish. He sat across the table from a girl with sandbrown hair and pigtails. By then i really had to go to the toilet, i found one and whent to sit on it, but then in found out the toiletseat was ewwyy!!! it was besmurged!! Besmuuurged! T_T UUUGH i don't want to talk about it. it could have been worse, it was more like a poocreature made some footprints on it, but yeegh.

I opened the doors and saw that my stepfather and everyone was running to the exit, we where there already!! They where freaking leaving without me!?? i grabbed my two bags and ran after them. After being safely outside my mother smiled. Thou too mother? she was also running outside maybe perhaps forgetting me. Or just not caring mehehhe! next dream, no toilets!!

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