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Originally Posted by Haizea View Post
So we've changed topic from the aliens now LOL

I've made sense of this dream, Yora. Looking forward to all your flourished dreams. : )
Haha yeah ;p Topic changed indeed!! thank you for looking forwards!


Again there was a travelling bag involved! (this time only my trusty darker pink adidas travelling that my mom got from my neice and then gave to me!! She wrote our names on it with a special initial for Y that she thought of and her own special initial, it's very dear to meee!!! i use it for traveling always! The last time i had maybe a smaller bag that had a cheeta print on it, i do not go for cheeta or tigerprint )

I was staying with a good friend in a hotel or at her place not sure maybe that wasn't mentioned in the dream. She said she wanted to go to a specific party ( with techno) i thought the party could be in the other options too (i found that party a bit too boring for me maybe) and proposed to try something else cause the party could be everywhere!!! She didn't want to try it, got stubborn and wanted that place, i said i would go to t he other parties myself then. She got angry with me about it, i don't think she thought i would get all independant and go alone. I remember worrying about my bag and if she would return it, there was a flash of her in her blue car with black sunglasses, hair wavy because of the wind and holding my back out of the window (while driving ) i worried if i had stuff laying around her house (now i know it was her house!) and she forgot to put it in. She lives quite far away from me so it would take a while to get it back.

i also remember seeing a black doggy! maybe a puppy.

bit like this

hair was a bit longer and dreadier.

also a little girl with brown hair kind of like dora. ;P

the dream about my friend could be about that we might be going seperate ways for a while.
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