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I am completely mesmerized by this deck...will buy it and it will become my only one,so captivated by each of the cards,the eary and seductively haunting feel they all have. as if they are calling us,like the ladies in card going threw those dark corridors to come and play. This deck also kind of gives me the ''everything is seen different in the moonlight,in the dark'' it just sheds such a...chilling truth to the normal RW cards.

This card described the man I was seeing once and an ex-friend. His line of work is not exactly what one would say is.....just.And he was eaxtcly how you all describe the KOS.Extremely charming, devastating,dark,hypnotizing look,a very powerfull feel about him,but very....suave way of speaking,he always put such a big meaning to etiquette,to the way he expressed himself,his cothes,his manners....seductively charming. He never said it out loud per se,but the way he carried himself told me really,really liked to leave the impression to people that he is well spoken,eloquent and yet with that alluring dangerous look you could tell that this man,if he was in some sinister and dark line of work-is most likely at the top of that chain,not at the bottom. However,one day we got into talking about the movie Schindlers list and basically what he said was...That the message of the movie was idiotic,that its kind of pathetic and melodramatic that Shildre saved the Jews ,and that he would kill them all ( he is a Nazi ). I asked well,would he kill the women and children as well,and he said that yes,he would. Then, since I am part Israeli I asked him,well ,if he was a Nazi officer and I came in one of the cargos,would he let them kill me? He said that he wouldnt,I kind of mocked that answer of his and said that it wouldnt have been out of kindness but because he would be attracted to me and wanting sex ,which isnt the sam eas genuine care for someone else and then he said
'' No,Id have sex with you and then throw you to the fire''
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