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Maat taro IDS

Card/Number: Princess of Swords/12

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I like this version of the Princess of Swords, depicting the virgin huntress, Artemis/Diana who is the master hunter but living within the land and always maintaining balance.

Card description: A young woman stands in a white simple dress, her bow and arrow on her back and sickle cinched at her side. Her cheeks are flushed from the hunt and she stands looking at the buck she has slain with a clean shot of her arrow. She is accompanied by her three hounds, who have assisted her in her hunt. It is late fall, the trees with few leaves on them. An apple sits nearby on a rock, cut open to reveal the seeds that sit in the pattern of a pentagram. A small creek runs through the center of the card.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Feminine

Colors: brown, orange, white, red and blue

Senses: your cheeks are flushed form the cool wind and exertion of the hunt. Your breathing is fast but not labored. You hear the hounds, marking the site of your prey. You smell the tang of blood in the crisp autumn air. The taste of the clean autumn wind sits on your tongue, the slight metallic aftertaste of the blood lingering. You feel the cool autumn wind, brushing lightly against your skin, slick from sweat and overheated from the hunt.

Symbols: huntress, prey/deer, hounds, apple, autumn trees, creek

Story (intuitive): I watch the young huntress as she gently checks on her prey, to ensure that the animal no longer suffers. I have been watching her during the hunt, her quiet and calm manner, the respect for the life that she has claimed to feed her kin. I smile, oh how she reminds me of my own daughter. I watch as she cuts the apple, leaving it as thanks for the sacrifice given by the male deer, a small gift for his mate and children, a gift for the land. The hounds sit quietly and loyally beside her and at her soft words, they begin to drink softly from the stream. She sees me now, looking at me cautiously at first, then giving a slight nod in greeting. I walk forward, helping her with placing the sling around the deer. "You have done well, daughter." I tell her. She smiles slightly, "Thank you.". She looks at me thoughtfully, as if reading my pride in her work. "You have taught us well mother. We have learned the lessons of the land and how to be one with nature. We are strong, proud and growing wise. You have also taught us strength in adversity, and how to stand quietly in our own individuality. Fear not, mother, when adversity comes to us. We will stand strong, we will prosper. We have learned well, from you.". My eyes tear softly at her words. Sometimes, it is hard to see our daughters grow up, and away from us. But I am filled with pride for the women they have become. "Yes," I respond, "I know you will do well.". She smiles softly, then nods. She collects her hunt and turns to return home, as do I- knowing in my heart that the lessons that have passed from mother to daughter remain as strong now as they did with our ancestors.

Astrologic: Week of the full moon in Taurus. Planetary ruler: Pluto.

Keywords: budding womanhood, huntress

Meanings: a brown haired young woman with grace and dexterity

Quote: "As I come into my womanhood, I live the lessons my mother has taught me."
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