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Originally Posted by MoiraKarin View Post
Both cards show skulls with crowns. i got to understand the Ace of wands better in this 3 card reading..I think this card now means: There is a chance of magic and something powerful, coming into your life, but it depends on you.. How well are you first to focus on your golden potential inside..?
Originally Posted by annik View Post
The skull makes me think of "Le roi est mort, vive le roi!" (The king is dead, hurray for the king). Maybe that to make place to new things, there must be some dying parts, a kind of alchemical transmutation.
I think, in line with others here, that you've both hit the nail on the head. The King/Pents skull--a real skull--with crown ends the suit. As this is a suit of riches and materialism, the aim is to be the richest man in the graveyard. One is meant to look at the riches and a power achieved and be awed (or maybe dismayed). Also, one is meant to think of old religions and kings, where they were buried with riches for the afterlife, and/or it was felt that no one but they could wear that crown, so no one living was allowed to have it.

In the Ace/Wants, however, this is the beginning of the suit, and it isn't the real skull of a real king holding the wand or wearing the crown. It is a carved skull on a headstone offering both wand and crown. And there is a "Do you dare?" quality to it. Do you dare take the risk? Do you have what it takes to be the new king? Can you take this old thing and use it in a new and different way to achieve a different end? (i.e. not end up a dead king on a stone throne). There is potential in this ace for great power, achievements, a chance to sit on the throne lording it over others, commanding them. But the skull on the throne reminds the ambitious that this ambition could also burn them to the bone. It could eat them up, destroy them.

Only a Wands personality, who aims high, and gets a rush out taking enormous risks, who has supreme confidence and not a little egotistical folly is going to be tempted by that crown and scepter. He may not even think twice about the warning of that headstone. The gleam of gold, it's power (not riches) will blind him to anything else that stone has to tell him.
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