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Death card

It's been a while since I painted this card (2004). Time marches on. I remember thinking that I simply wanted to illustrate the idea of sound and silence, life as sound and death as silence. I remembered witnessing a man die of a massive heart attack when I was in my early twenties and as I viewed his death it was as if death took over his body he wore the face of death as his heart exploded. When it was over there was nothing anyone could have done...the silence afterward filled the entire space for the rest of the day.
I chose the red to signify the blood of life and the promise of life and rebirth thru the female. The bull's heads were discovered to be symbols of a full womb. The drummer showing the cycle of silence and sound of fertility and infertility. The Full moon cycle of Taurus representing that full womb with the key phrase/"I have".
After the cards were all done the book was written and life moved on the Death painting had another story to tell.
I met a woman at Samhain the year the deck came out, I brought my large 3'x4' oil painting to the ritual as a backdrop for friends who were playing music for the celebration. The woman saw this painting and was shocked the baby in the painting looked just like the son she lost on Samhain 24 years previous. I didn't hear the story until months later when friends bought that painting for her and she came to pick it up. Since then this same woman has become quite a close friend. The paintings come thru but their messages have deeper meanings than my conscious mind can fathom. Over time the messages trickle in with deeper meanings. Some too personal to mention here. I am awed by the universe and vow to continue to serve the higher purpose of opening doors for myself and others.
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