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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 7 of Swords/13

Card image: see attached

First Impression: At first, this card seemed very strange for a 7 of Swords. I typically view this card as stealing from the camp of the enemy. This picture shows a different take on that theme; how we wear a different face/mask depending on the situation/space we are in. More of a manner of self preservation in different areas of life rather than just in a hostile environment. You can also see the three different faces depicted here as the three parts of the soul, or the psyche (Id, Ego, Superego).

Card Description: A man stands in the forefront, bare chested. His bare skull, covered by a black hood, looks out of the card, toward you. A spirit face of a man looks to the right and in his right hand is a mask of an old man's face. Behind and above him are seven horizontal swords, each the color of the corresponding chakra for that level. The background is black, with a white wisp of smoke curling in the upper right portion of the picture.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Masculine

Colors: 7 chakra colors, red, blue, white and black

Senses: you feel a buzzing under your skin, that expands to fill you with the awareness of your spirit-self, attached yet distinct from your physical body. You can hear the buzzing like crackling in your ears. You tast the electricity, the lightening-like crispness in the air.

Symbols: skull, mask, spirit, chakra colors

Story (intuitive): "Hmmm, um, I don't really get it." I mutter to the mother. I hear a snort. OK, definitely not the mother, she really doesn't do that. Ahhh, yes, here comes my consort, a smirk on his face. "Don't even start." I warn the trickster, knowing what he is about to say in retort to my previous comment. "Whaaaat???", he replies, eyes too innocent to be real, followed by a smirk and then laughter. I do love Him, my consort, smartass that he is. We sit together. "Haven't seen you in a while." I mention casually. "That's because you were too busy feeling sorry for yourself." he replies. Smartass- did I mention to mention that? I get the wicked-sexy grin, and he sits down, relaxing and starts explaining the card to me. "OK love, this should really be a no-brainer for you. You have the idea of this card mastered. Think about it, the many faces of you, one for each title you wear- mom, wife, daughter, priestess, shaman, lover, doctor- each one slightly distinct from the other, some more so. That is the true meaning of this card, not thievery per se, but survival in each facet of your life. But....HERE is the key- you see those three faces? They represent the three parts of the soul. As you wear these masks, they always emphasize one portion of the soul, while dampening another. So when your life is unbalanced, and you overwear a mask, you forget that alternate part of your soul and start believing that you ARE the mask. You see people like this, you can feel the imbalance and wrongness of it wafting from their core! No matter how many masks you need to get through life, remember your three souls and align them often. And love- with those you hold dearest to you, please remember to drop all the damn masks while you are with us. You really don't need them, and it is lovely being able to spend time just being you.". I smile at him, then stick my tongue out at him. He laughs joyfully, then kisses my hand. He truly is a wonderful companion, and I have missed him terribly. We sit together, hand in hand, and enjoy each others company- no masks needed.

Astrologic: Week of the last quarter moon in Leo. Planetary ruler: Pluto.

Element: Fire

Keywords: theft, thief/thievery, masks

Meanings: traditionally warns against theft, stealing from the camp of the enemy

Quote: "Wear them when needed, but remember- they are only masks, and not You!"
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