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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 9 of Swords/16

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: This card is very interesting. Rather than getting the impression that the girl has had a nightmare, you get the sense that she is anxious, but excited, her passion reflected in the sanguine blanket and curtains that surround her.

Card Description: A young, dark-haired girl is lying half reclined on her bed, as if just waking. The bed is gorgeously dressed with cream sheets and a sanguine velvet blanket and curtains which seem to embrace her. She appears to have just awoken- but is she awake? Or has her consciousness opened her to the world beyond the veil? Above her, she is looking with anxious excitement at a ghostly blue form with a solid appearing bouquet of yellow roses, framed within the folds of the curtains. 9 swords hand from the upper left corner of the picture, the floor tiled with black and white.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Neutral

Colors: sanguine red, cream, blue, yellow, black and white

Senses: you feel your heartbeat, racing erratically and hear the pounding of it in your ears. You taste fear, and excitement and smell the pungent sweetness of roses as you stand within the veil.

Symbols: bed, roses, swords, ghostly figure

Story (intuitive): Oh, I do remember the night of my own claiming by the divine. I can see it in her face, what she has experienced now will change her forever. "So, it starts." I whisper softly to myself. Though She doesn't speak, I feel my Mother walk quietly behind me. I continue, "I remember, that first night that You came to me. I had never known such fear, such exhilaration, as when You held that shovel, and told me to dig- knowing that I was digging my own grave, the death of my self, to rise again as other. I was so afraid of the unknown at that time, but now I cannot imagine how my life would have been if I had chosen otherwise. Thank you Mother, for anointing me as Your own.". The scene plays out before me, as clear and crisp in my mind as if it had just happened. "You were truly asleep daughter, but ready to be awakened", She softly whispers, "Though it is I that helped awaken you, you had to make that choice, the choice to come. You can see it in this young girl's face, the sleeping priestess has risen. Once anointed, you are touched by the divine, and hereafter marked by Wyrd. This, this is the beginning of her journey, just as your started so long ago.". I smile softly, witnessing a new priestess, awakened to us, now part of the circle of shamans and hedgecrossers who stand between the worlds, ready to start her work. As I look, my fellow anointed ones are standing around the bed, holding space and being witness to this event, a vigil of the initiated supporting our newly arrived. We whisper together, "Welcome home, new daughter of the mysteries. Welcome home.".

Astrologic: Week of the first quarter moon in Pisces. Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire and ether

Keywords: awakening, hedgcrossing, OBE, journeying

Meanings: traditionally nightmares or uneasy sleep. In this card, the awakening of our great Sleep, to the mysteries of the beyond.

Quote: "I have awaked from my Sleep, anointed by the divine."
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