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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: Queen of Swords/17

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I love this depiction of the Queen of Swords. So beautiful in her dark mysteries! This is not your traditional warrior/cold female depiction, though there is no doubt that this woman is a warrior, with her sword hanging behind her. Yet, this card also shows so much more- the total picture of the dark Mother; reflective and wise, proud yet graceful, beautiful and strong.

Card Description: A beautiful, pregnant, woman with long brown hair sits by a table with a contemplative look on her face as her hand rests softly on the skull before her with candlelight flickering softly in the background. She is thoughtful, yet fierce, her sword sitting behind her. The skull before her sits on a large book- perhaps a book of mysteries- with a picture of the skull and book beside them on the table. She is wearing a sanguine red gown with cream sleeves, the area under the table an astral blue, very reminiscent of the colors in the 9 of Swords card- perhaps alluding to the fact that this is the young girl, grown up, firmly established in her awakening and work, wise from years of love and loss.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Feminine

Colors: black, blue, sanguine red, cream, yellow and brown

Senses: you feel the soft warmth of the candlelight dancing against your skin. You smell the clean scent of the melting wax and the dusty fragrance of the old pages in the book in front of you. All is quiet in the room, as you sit thoughtfully, tasting the smoke in the air.

Symbols: brown haired, pregnant, mature woman, skull, book, candle, sword, red/cream/blue colors

Story (intuitive): I sit and watch her, she is deep in thought. I do not speak, yet I know that she senses my presence. "Come, sit with me.", she says in a soft husky voice. I sit beside her and she looks over at me, and continues speaking, "I am the all of the feminine mysteries; dark, strong, untamed, and feared by the patriarchal ideology that has permeated your lands. I have walked with death yet borne life. You know me well, for I have always been.". And, as I sit watching her, the face before me fades and changes into that of my Mother, the goddess I know and love so well. She smiles slightly, then the face fades, changing and flowing into the visage of the dark goddesses and feminine heros of all cultures and ages. I stare in wonderment, blessed by the vision. Then, finally, the face shifts on last time, and I find myself staring at a reflection of my own face. I am overwhelmed and weep quietly. "Do not fear who you are.", she whispers, "For being strong does not make you less feminine, being dark does not keep you from the light, being a warrior does not keep you from motherhood, being a whore does not keep you from love, being a bitch does not keep you from kindness, walking with death does not stop you from living- in fact, they are all strengthened by it. That is the divine feminine mystery, that which keeps the patriarchal masses in awe and fear, the fact that we are all of these things- an embodiment of the feminine divine. Live it, love in it and learn from it's wisdom.". I am filled with emotion, love, and self-acceptance. I thank the lady kindly, knowing the strength of the bond we share: my Mother, my sister, my friend, my Self.

Astrologic: week of the full moon in Gemini, planetary ruler: Jupiter

Element: Fire and water

Keywords: dark mother, sacred whore, bitch

Meanings: a dark haired woman with the sign of Aquarius, a woman who has suffered loss, the dark goddess personified

Quote: "I am the dark goddess embodied in all, the center of the feminine mystery."

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