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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Logic, reason, optimism, innocence are good things for fighting the darkness; sunlight, after all, kills vampires and sends ghosts and such back to their graves. But we also know very well that the character who says, "Pish-posh! There's no such thing as _________" is going to die quickly from the very thing he/she is dismissing as nonsense. We also know that the path to hell is lined with good intentions and that we can as easily be blinded by too much light as enlightened by it. Hence, this card tells us that too much reliance on light and reason can trap and imperil us. Looking only at the beautiful child in the light means we miss seeing what might be hidden in the shadows or the fact that he came from a barren garden. You can't defeat the darkness by ignoring it's existence.
What a wonderful experience, to read your beautiful conclusion of "the Sun", Thirteen...
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