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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: Queen of Wands/24 and 8 of Wands/25

Card Images: see attached

First Impression: again, a strong sense that these two cards belong together, the meanings expounded when seen as one. I do not know if this is just from personal circumstance, or if the time-period/dress as well as the calm faces of the women depicted just pull them together, almost as if they are mother and daughter. Regardless, they seem to want to be together for me today, so that it what I will do.

Card Description:
Queen of Wands: a light haired woman in a blue gown with white trim and a matching white bonnet sits serenely in her home, spinning white yarn on a distaff. You can see a mantle in the background, with yarn of various colors hung along the edge.

8 of Wands: here we see a light haired younger woman in a pink gown with white trim, again a matching white bonnet. She has a serene expression as she sits at her desk, writing a letter with a white quill.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: feminine

Colors: blue, pink, white and brown

Senses: you feel the steady slow beat of your heart as your work takes you softly away, the soft sounds of spinning and scratching of the quill on the paper seem distant, the smell of the paper and yarn clean and crisp.

Symbols: distaff, feather, spinning, writing

Story (intuitive): I sit down lightly between the two women and automatically pick up a bolster of the yarn and start to crochet. We work silently, the three of us, for a while. Although it seems scandalous to use crude language in front of these demur women, my anger overtakes me and I speak plainly, "I was so damn angry today at my family. It is so hard, when you spend a full week, all week, giving all of your time to help fulfill their needs, having none for yourself, then the day comes where you have to stop, you have to take time to complete your work, and then they don't seem to understand why you are not joyous to continue giving every last bit of your time to them! I just needed ONE day. It wasn't like they looked at me as if I was asking too much, rather it seemed as if I had not done a damned thing over the week and should have had plenty of time to get my work done. That is what hurt, that is why I am so angry!.". I sit back, realizing that I still hold some anger, even though I thought it was gone.

The mother gazes thoughtfully ahead, her fingers nimble in their work. She speaks softly, "Your anger is two-fold. I can tell you of the first. You are upset, not because you had no time to complete your work, but that you had to stop the things you actually prefer to do in order to finish it. You do not like what you are currently doing, it does not feed you, it does not provide the sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction that you crave. That is one of the reasons that you are so upset, even now.". She goes back to spinning, and I hear that the quill has stopped. I look over to the daughter, who gazes at me steadily, a remarkable wisdom in the eyes of one still young. "You are angry that they did not give you the space you needed, yet you did nothing to communicate this to them. Once you did, you noticed that they did start helping to ensure you had your space. Your guilt continues to fuel your anger. If you had originally told them of your issue, they would have been happy to allow you the time you needed much earlier. You didn't tell them, because you did not want to have to take the time to do it.".

I sit, and quietly digest all that they have told me. They are correct on both accounts. I knit, and nod. "You are both correct, but the issue is that I need to work in order to provide for my family. How do I keep my sanity, how do I continue the work at home, the work that feeds me- without compromising the work that pays me? And how do I communicate this to my family, when I need to stop and have time for my employment?". They smile softly, each continuing with their work, "Remember that your family loves you through all of this. Maximize that which feeds you, continue to finish that which pays you. Do not sacrifice one for the other, do not sacrifice responsibility for happiness. And in all this, talk to your family, and let them know when time is needed elsewhere. They will understand, and will help. They love you as wife and mother- you create a family, a household, a home. What you need, they will give, you only have to ask.". And at these kind and wise words, I sit back gently and continue to knit. For their wisdom has given me a freedom that is hard to explain, but that allows me to choose the work that I do daily and maximize that which feeds me. It is a generous gift, and one I will hold dearly to my heart. I sit, I nod, we work, and I heal.

Queen of Wands: week of the full moon in Cancer
8 of Wands: last 1/4 moon in Libra
Planetary ruler: Saturn

Element: air and earth

Keywords: Queen: passion in work, 8: swiftness and communication

Meanings: Queen: a blond haired/blue eyed Leo woman who is able to create beauty. 8: fast action and communication

Quote: "Your work is appreciated. When you need rest, let them know, and remember to feed your soul."
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