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Originally Posted by Dancing Bear View Post
Well guys this has been a fantastic thread..And thanks everyone for sharing your dreams with me.. Great insight was received and noted!!
Alas it has come to an end.
A new one will start next week.. Probably with a few more people joining us.. as throughout this experiment, I have had many pm's showing interest..
oh, super! this has been a great thread and a wonderful experience too. I loved it.

I will ask those who have already participated, to step forward and let me know if you want to continue onto the next one..
I will open a new thread for others to come join us..
We dont have long until christmas, I will be going away, and i dont know if i will have access to the internet.. So maybe we could take a two week break over the holiday period and continue after the 5th January.
I am only away for 2 weeks.. and it is such a busy time I am sure you all dont mind having a bit of time out!!
same here, we are going away for 2wks, doing a lot of traveling here and there, but I will have internet as we now have a mi-fi. however, it may not always be an easy time to access it as we'll also be doing a lot of visiting others this time. so, I'm all for a break as well.

I have also in my Research on Runes come accross some great tips for lucid dreaming ( I got side tracked LOL!! ) .. So i will definately share them at the begining of the next thread..
sounds interesting!

I will Post up after the weekend to start our New Dream Experiment Number 2...
PM me if you are interested in continuing onto our Next one.

Anyone else reading this..who didnt participate this round and would like to give it a go.. Please PM me..
Baring in mind you must try to commit..

Hope you all Have a wonderful weekend coming..
and i will speak to you all next week!!

Love, Light, Laughter and Sweet Dreams to ya all!!
DB ***
Thank you DB for this experiment and I'll be PM'ng ya! I want to join in on the next one as well.
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