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One of the meaning of this card is - "Lonely woman with the child".
Actually if you make a reading for family life.. for woman... very often this card will show you that the woman is lonely or divorced and grows up the child herself without any help and protection from men's side.

The child in the cradle-egg looks like he is inside of mother's womb surrounding with mother's intrauterine waters. The straw that is drawing from the child and touching water surface.. looks like umbilical cord that joins child and mother when the child is inside of her stomach.

This card shows us that despite the fact that the child is born ... he is still associated strong emotional bond with his mother (the straw in water - "cups sign")... He still needs her help... her protection... she feeds him with food and emotional feelings. He has no any other protection but her.

9th cards are family cards of our family worries and joys.
9th of swords for example means - "whatever happens, it happens for good".

9 of wands card can be described by the the King Solomon's words - "And this, too, shall pass away."
It means that all our problems have time duration... Stop! Wait! Listen! you have to wait out all your severe times and then business will go smoothly.
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