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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 3 of Wands/34

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: Nice idea on this card, very appropriate, the movement of science. You can almost visualize the current theme of quantum physics.

Card Description: A place of learning, in the center is a display/model of the heliocentric solar system, with men, women and children surrounding it.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: neutral

Senses: You can feel the high emotions in the room- the excitement of the forward-thinking scientists, the rage and fear of the old regime an the wonder of the children as they look to the model and listen to the speaker.

Symbols: solar system, books, place of learning, science

Story (intuitive): "Science," I mutter "how bittersweet in a way. It makes complete sense for this card, yet it has taken away as much as it has given in some regards." Then I hear that silky masculine voice, "No love," replies my consort, "it is not science that stole spirituality. Man gave it away. The idea of leaving the old to go to the new is not to be blamed, nor is science. You can see even now how the new physics seeks to return back to spirit. But, let it be a warning to you, a warning for this idea/card. Humankind has a difficult habit of believing that it must be all or nothing. That is simply untrue. You can leave the past to go to the future, but only leave that behind which hinders you. Take that which feeds you, and you will find that it only enriches that you move toward. But never forget, you must grasp the new- do you really want to remain in that tired old regime that refuses to see a new truth? No, I thought not. You are conflicted because this choice is one you are sitting in now, yet in truth you have already chosen. This will become more clear in time.". I nod, his words are duly noted. In the end, we chose what we take with us, if only the memories.

Astrologic: week of the first quarter moon in Gemini, planetary ruler: Neptune

Element: air

Keywords: future, technology, science

Meanings: leaving the past to turn to the future, understanding of complex systems by use of models, technology in teaching

Quote: "Look to the future, but take from the past what you need."
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