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for me the meaning of this card is " to insist on onesown interests"
" to defend onesown interests"

Someone wants to impose you something - his goods, interests, thoughts and even power... and you need to think twice before make a desicion to buy or to get any preposition. Do not allow others to fool you. "No inch of your land to enemies!"

Quality of fabric, of the cover is offered by traders hides the truth this old man needs to discover. He needs to know wheather the quality of this cover is suitable to the price traders ask... At the same time if the quality is good he needs to compete with trades to keep the price he is able to pay for this....The pipe this old man smokes is the symbol of hospitality (he needs these goods traders propose) and from other side the smoke of this pipe is the symbol of deep and long time meditation. He thinks over the proposition. He weighs the options what is beneficial and what is not. He needs to make agreement between his emotions and logic (the woman and the man are on this card).

3 people and a boat reminds me the card of 3 of Wands in Classic Rider White. it means that this meeting should be an example of implementation of plans. It is a good foundation that leads to expanding long-term contracts, financial success, good luck in trading if they will be agreed.

What are these people try to sale?

We can see a box with knives and blades of ax. We can calculate - 3 knives are aflat - 3 of Swords + 2 knives upright - 3+2 = 5 - 5 of Swords.
2 blades of ax - 2 of Swords
Totally 5+2 = 7 - 7 of Swords.

All they propose give a birth to doubt, a risk to be fooled, a risk to spend money with over cost or buy things are not useful and this old man does not need at all.

We can see the net besides the box. These people are going to get "good fish" to their net in order to get good profit (we can see backet on the card - Ace of Cups)

New moon in Aquarius teaches us to ability to mingle in society and culture of behavior, culture of talk without emotional outburst. Ability submit our views to others properly and to defend them.

7 of wands is not cordial and emotional card. We should not expect that all people around us should love us and help us free of charge.
But ability to express our strong position to others will help us agree with others and defend our interests.
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