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Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 3 of Cups/41

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I love the Norns and this portrayal of them, in conjunction with the idea of the 3 of cups, is fantastic!

Card Description: 3 women in robes (black, white and red) stand and tend three cauldrons as they work on dying yarn. The already completed yarn hangs from a tree in various colors of the rainbow.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: feminine

Senses: You smell the burning wood of the fire and the steam misting from the cauldrons warms your face. You laugh and chatter happily with the women around you.

Symbols: rainbow colors, robes of black/white/red, Norns, cauldrons, yarn

Story (intuitive): And the story of love moves on... The wedding day has passed and behold! The new gift! A babe is born on a cool autumn day, the pains of labor rewarded in the lusty cry. Coming home, there they sit- the family. And as four generations celebrate together, there is a moment of perfect love and contentment that washes over us all. A new child, a new life, the one to carry on the name of the family, the one to pass on the mysteries and traditions. The joy is so immense, the sense of family so complete, that for now all that can be felt is this joyous celebration of life and love!

Astrologic: Week of the first quarter moon in Cancer. Planetary ruler: Mars.

Element: water

Keywords: a happy occasion, a joyous celebration

Meanings: celebration of generations of tradition, sisterhood

Quote: "Today the celebration of life has begun."
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