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Maat tarot IDS

This is a series of 4 cards: The Princess of Cups, the 4 of Cups, the Empress and the Lovers, all worked within the story of love learned/lost and rediscovered.

Cards/Numbers: Princess of Cups/42, 4 of Cups/43, Empress/44, Lovers/45

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: The princess, so innocent and sweet, is such a contrast to the Morgan La Fay of the 4 of Cups- yet, she is the entryway to that scene and emotion. The Empress arrives, bringing courage and birth to the possibility that is announced by the Lovers. I LOVE this Empress card! It is not your pregnant earth-mama, but a powerful, sometimes dark woman who is strong and wise. A woman first and foremost!

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: the princess and Empress are feminine, the 4 and lovers neutral

Senses: As you walk this path the warm air has grown stale and musty. Suddenly, you smell the soft scent of roses, and your step quickens- here you meet the Empress. As your journey continues, you arrive at the crossroads. The path you were traveling seems dead and withered, but a breeze full of promise floats in from the alternate path- and you hear the voice on the wind asking "Which one will you choose?".

Symbols: cups, princess, knight, dove, starts and ribbons

Story (intuitive): And the journey of love learned continues. The 3 of Cups has long passed, the celebration of the births faded. As life continues, monotony seeps in. And, the princess emerges. Dreams of the knight in shining armor return, of being swept away in a grand love affair, wistful dreams of passion renewed. And, the days continue, and the knight never comes. And you transform to Morgana- standing over the sleeping knight that has never awoken, and realizing that what you have is not enough. Disappointment is keen, but brings on with it an understanding that things cannot go on as they are. And the truth sinks in, so mighty and terrifying- I do not love this man. And you look at your children, and wonder- how, how can I leave? I cannot hurt them by changing their lives! And you look at yourself in the mirror- and realize that your soul is dying day by day. So you decide to feed it, and make yourself stronger. And you strike out, to gain knowledge. And, in that course, you meet her, the Empress. And you remember who you are, woman- strong and wise. And that feeds you as nothing has before. And so you become powerful in your own right, but this weakens the status even more- for only love can feed change, anything else fears it and tries to kill it. And since there is no true love, then you watch sadly as things deconstruct around you. And you find yourself at a crossroads. The road ahead is level and paved, but there is no life, no freedom. It is easy, but will kill your soul. You look to your left, and the way is rocky- but trees and roses grow among the landscape, and a wisp of a breeze floats an un-named promise, a friendship that has emerged into something so much more. Which will you choose? I sigh, my heart heavy. Each one will provide it's own measure of pain, but the Empress has taught me well, and so has Morgana. I can no longer sit and wait for a knight to carry me away- it is time to create my own happiness and love and it is no longer here. A part of me cries, for I know there will be loss, but the rest of my soul sings- as it comes slowly back to life. And I stand, and turn to the left, and begin on my new path.

Astrologic: Princess of Cups: week of the full moon in Libra, planetary ruler: Mars. 4 of Cups: week of the last quarter moon in Capricorn, planetary ruler: Mars. Empress: full moon cycle of Scorpio. Lovers: Beltaine.

Elements: water for the princess of cups, 4 of cups and Empress, air for the Lovers

Keywords: Princess of Cups: daydreaming, fantasizing. 4 of Cups: obsession, depression, disappointment. Empress: passion, lust, nurturing, maturation. Lovers: choice, lust

Princess of Cups: traditionally a young girl with blond hair, element of water, someone who is married/about to be married/or emotionally tied
4 of Cups: to thine own self be true! Stick to your own plans, regardless of others.
Empress: strongly sensual woman who is a passionate partner and loving mother
Lovers: intimate partners, an even stronger bond than seen in the 2 of cups

Quote: "I choose the path of love, love of myself and love for another."
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