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In final stages of the story of love lost/learned/gained, the last set of cards are the 9 of Cups, King of Cups and 10 of Cups- I have finally made it back to my King! All are posted here, and links to this post will be placed other the under two. We have now turned from learning what is needed- to finally walking home….

Cards/Numbers: 9 of Cups/52, King of Cups/53, 10 of Cups/54

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: Oh, how I love this King of Cups! I have been waiting to jump into his arms from the beginning of the journey through cups and now, here he is! The eyes, the invitation, the loving sensuality so perfectly balanced between the wistfulness of the 9 of Cups and the happy home of the 10 of Cups.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: 9 and 10 of cups neutral, king of cups- masculine

Senses: The forest clears, the scents melting away to the smell of dandelions peppering a field. The warm air picks the blossoms away, and gently caresses your skin. You remove your cloak- the weather has warmed and summer is in the air. You see the house, hear the laughter, smell and taste the mead on your tongue and your heart is light, knowing that the journey is almost complete.

Symbols: cups, dandelions, field, groom, mead, ivy, home and rainbow

Story (intuitive): You continue on your journey of love- one that was required by your king in order to understand and fully gain wisdom from the way. All that was behind you is left in order as you walk toward a destiny of fulfillment and joy. A clearing appears ahead, a field full of dandelions. “Make a wish,” they whisper, “but make sure to word it wisely.”. And so you kneel in the soft, warm grass. And you remember those childhood wishes that never came to fruition. And you remember how you had the realization of who and what you need, both in yourself and in a mate. And you pick up a flower, and wish….

...Bring me love and fulfillment in myself- to love myself in all my parts, to walk wisely in faith and live fully in joy. Bring me a mate who will walk beside me on that journey, and love me for all that I am, as I love him for all he is- my equal in love, faith, wisdom and happiness...

And you softly blow the seeds, and you feel that the work is done. And a hand falls lightly on your shoulder as you gaze into the loving eyes of your king. “I have missed you.”, you whisper. He smiles, “I know, but I have been here the whole time. And I watched as you re-learned love, and I learned it again as well.”. Tears flow down your cheeks as you embrace, and your lips meet in a soft kiss, full of promise, and now- you are finally, finally home. And years of love, work, tears and laughter have built a home filled with all you wished for and more. And the journey, though complete, still continues- but rather than walking it alone, you now have a partner to stand beside you and a family to support you along the way. You see the image of the beautiful home in the distance, realizing that it is not what makes a home, but the idea of how it feels. And the words of a very wise Dziadzia come back to me, “Home is where you hang your hat.”. We may move to different places, and live in different buildings, but our home is now securely established, filled with loving ties forged by fire and a joyous completeness that fills our soul.

Astrologic: 9 of Cups: week of the first quarter moon in Virgo, King of Cups: week of the full moon in Sagittarius, 10 of Cups: week of the last quarter moon in Pisces. Planetary ruler: Mercury

Element: water

9 of Cups: wish
King of Cups: groom, lover, husband and father
10 of Cups: success, happy home

9 of Cups: be careful what you wish for, as you may bring it to pass
King of Cups: traditionally a brown haired man with the zodiac sign of Scorpio, affectionate and generous he is a kind father and a generous lover
10 of Cups: successful family, partners that have worked hard to create a happy home,

Quote: "My journey of love is complete, I have finally come home.”
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