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Maat tarot IDS

And now we have moved on, the cups behind us, the story of love complete- but continuing. Now, it is the coins. And starting the cycle is the wise visage of the hermit...

Cards/Numbers: The Hermit/55, The Sun/56

Card Images: see attached

First Impressions: These cards go together, I feel that strongly. The aged Amun-Ra together with the sun. How it will be revealed is not clear, but the journey starts with both of them.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Masculine

Senses: The air has grown hot- summer is here and the glow from the man and his sun warms my bones. The air is moist and humid against my skin, the smell of vanilla and musk blows in the breeze.

Symbols: old man, hourglass, mountain, fertilized egg, sun

Story (intuitive): I walk up the mountain with trepid steps and follow the light until I find him- the wise man. He stands at the peak of the mountain, looking out before him. His silence weighs on me heavily, and I sit on a nearby rock. We watch, together, as the sun slowly sets and the light from his lantern shines brightly in the dusk. After a while, he turns to me, and his eyes cut through my soul. “You came.” he comments. I nod. He looks out again and softly sighs, then begins to speak- still looking at the horizon. “Good! This is not the journey you just completed, the re-learning of love. No- this is your spiritual journey, and the path is not only rocky and treacherous, but unclear.” He turns to me, those knowing eyes. Again I nod, “I am afraid father, but ready. This is a journey that needs to be completed.” He gazes at me, as if measuring my intent, measuring my ability to make right of this task. Something that he has seen must have given him the information he sought, for he speaks again, this time in a more gentle voice. “Good. Your fear is of the unknown, but one you have to face. It is good you realize this, for it will keep your courage strong during the trials you have ahead of you. Your true journey began lifetimes ago- you have seen pieces of this, small moments in time, as you have walked back into those previous lifetimes. But for now, this path will be the one from this current cycle- it started with the spark of life.” And I watch, as the light in the hourglass grows brighter and brighter, taking up the length of the sky, bright sunlight bathing me from the image of a golden fertilized egg- the symbol of life, hope, new beginnings, and untapped potential. “That is where it began this time”, he continues, “with the spark of life. Make no mistake- all that has been is as it was supposed to be. For this cycle, what you have seen, heard and lived is what was needed to continue on your journey, one started so many lifetimes ago. And now, you must go back, back to that first call. And as you re-live and re-trace your path, you may be surprised at where it takes you, and (he chuckles) where it truly began. Go, walk and I will see you again when it is time.”. I know that our moment is over, and though I long to stay, I turn around and slowly walk toward the path that will take me down the mountain, Before I leave, I turn to him one last time. “I look forward to seeing you again soon father, thank you for your guidance and faith in my journey,” He smiles gently at me, “I have always believed in you child, the hard part was in getting you to believe in yourself.” And on these words, I walk down the mountain, my heart lightened a bit from the journey ahead, ready and confident to begin my work.

Astrologic: The Hermit: full moon cycle of Capricorn; planetary ruler: the Moon, The Sun: summer solstice, Litha

Element: ether and fire

The Hermit: introspection, illumination
The Sun: joy, self-realization

The Hermit: reaching the peak, but a journey alone
The Sun: successful outcomes, child

Quote: "I use my inner light to guide my soul on its spiritual path.”
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