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Maat tarot IDS

Some people measure their wealth in money- this suit, for me, measures wealth as spirituality, and like the cups a journey has started. The hermit gave his charge, and now the journey begins.

Cards/Numbers: Prince of Coins/57, 10 of Coins/58, 9 of Coins/59, Queen of Coins/60

Card Images: see attached, I could not find a picture of the Prince of Coins

First Impressions: These cards mark the beginning steps of my spiritual journey, as instructed by the Hermit. It is a time to go back and re-trace the steps, and to gain wisdom along the way- as well as find any missing parts that were left behind. Like the cups, this story flows- so groups of cards shine out to show the way: the prince, who has built a foundation and rests before continuing on, the inheritance of family spirituality, the richness that has been passed on, though restrictive and the Queen who grants the strength to break away from confinement.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: Prince, 10 and 9 of Coins- neutral, Queen of Coins- feminine

Senses: The hot summer air beats against my skin, as the cool marble walkway lies slick under my feet. The smell of ripe blossoms fills the air, almost too pungent to bear.

Symbols: sun, marble, fountain, fetus, garden, coins, tree of life

Story (intuitive): I sat last night and pondered the cards, pen in hand- but I just could not bring myself to start. Tomorrow- I promised myself, then sat down to relax for the rest of the evening. A phone call come in, my Luvah, with a message- “Hela was looking for you.”. I sigh, not surprised. Yes, it has started. So I go to bed, an inner hope that I will just dream. But it is for naught- and as I lay down my body begins to buzz and my spirit flies off in travel. I am clumsy in my flight- I did not bring my stave0 so I stay close to the treeline and do a hop-fly sequence that brings me to an old house that smells of dust and death. I enter through the window- and explore. And on the third floor, in the third bedroom I find her- the corpse of a young girl, lying on her side, her face hidden, in a room with no windows- a dungeon in the sky. I am afraid to turn her, to see her face, so I jump out of the window and fly to the trees, afraid and gasping for breath. I hear a voice, the voice of my Mother, “The girl is you.”. I nod, the knowing upon me. It is time, my soul whispers, time to resurrect the child who died too young, time to hear her mysteries, the ones that you left behind. I gather my courage, and enter the room. She still lies on her side, but I can hear her now, and I listen to her story…

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, whose dress was white and heart was pure.
She received the Spirit, in all Its glory, but the time changed violently- and then a new story:
A tale of a beautiful garden stage, with lovely flowers- a beautiful cage.
A legacy of Spirit and cruel men’s deeds, an inheritance of family- a farm of steeds.
And a day that the Spirit cried out and died, and the girl sat lonely and empty inside.
A woman was born, too old for her years, as she stood her ground strongly and brushed away the tears.
And boldly she left, her new Spirit to find- never looking back to see the corpse she left behind.
But now, you are here, in the season of the sun- to reclaim your Spirit, and now we are one.

And the tears streak down my face as I gather her into my arms, a childhood innocence I left behind, left too quickly in my need to escape. For my inheritance is with me, though the garden is my own- a wild mountain of flowers with no prison walls. And the girl that returned laughs with happiness for she is finally home and free. This is the beginning of the journey, yet it could not have moved forward without her. The mystery in this is beyond my comprehension, but the truth lies deeply within. I had left a part of my own soul behind, but now it is reclaimed, so now I may continue. And I gather the girl to my heart, and we fly off together- to re-walk this path and discover it as one.

Astrologic: Prince of Coins week of the summer solstice, 10 of Coins: week of the new moon in Cancer, 9 of Coins: week of the first quarter moon in Libra, Queen of Coins: week of the full moon in Capricorn; planetary ruler: the Moon

Element: earth

Prince of Coins: project
10 of Coins: inheritance
9 of Coins: comfort, stability
Queen of Coins: powerful woman

Prince of Coins: traditionally a young, unmarried man with dark hair/eyes and the zodiac sign of Virgo; project in which the planning stages are over and it is time to build
10 of Coins: inheritance of legacy
9 of Coins: wealth and comfort, inherited though maintained, stages of development
Queen of Coins: traditionally a woman with dark hair/eyes and the zodiac sign of Capricorn; getting your power back, a woman of wealth and poise

Quote: "I have found my Spirit, a piece of my inheritance, though now I have made it my own.”
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